Thursday, April 28, 2011


There's more Clothed Female Naked Male craziness at Command Performance on May 20th!

This time we are doing it a little differently and having the 1st part of the night for newbies and the latter part of the evening for those who are a bit more..adventurous. But as before - it's all about males being used and abused as sex objects/ eye candy/ whipping boys by the Ladies present. Read more about it on our Events page or the Fetlife group. You can RSVP on fetlife or contact Lady Regina or (954) 782 1778 with any questions or to rsvp. Make sure you say whether you want to be in the beginner or advanced group.


freestud4you said...

I would like to attend the next clothed female naked male event. Please let us know WHEN.

freestud4you said...

I want to be nude for the ladies